About Me


Welcome to my blog where I share my music, poems, and experiences with mental health.

My name is Ernesto, and I’m from San Diego, California. I enjoy creating music and learning about it. What I’m focusing at the moment is on learning about producing hip-hop. Specifically, I’m exploring the LoFi subgenera.

I like to read non-fiction during my free time. I enjoy journaling, morning coffee, and walking close to the ocean whenever I can.

I started releasing songs after learning just enough about recording. I released my first single, titled Decisiones on October 2017. That was a defining moment where I decided to share my music. Since then, I’ve been releasing singles, a five-song EP, titled Uncomfortable Reflections And Other Stories.

I’ve released an 11-track album of spoken-word in Spanish, titled Diferencial, Tuvo un Día Triste. Which explores ideas revolving mental health and relationships.

Music evolves with me. Recording has become an outlet to release emotions and stress. It’s coping mechanism because I emulate an emotional landscape with sounds based on how I feel. Sometimes, the song writes itself and I let the moment guide me.

Creating songs is a very intimate process for me. I can skip meals and forget everything when I am doing it. It can be stressful and challenging, but I enjoy the process.

I hope that my music, poems, or blog posts makes you feel and imagine something you can relate to.

Thank you for visiting.