About Me



Welcome to my blog where I write about music and mental health. These topics are part of who I am and here is where I share my experiences with both. I write about how music influences me, and about topics in psychology that I have found helpful with anxiety and depression.

My name is Ernesto, and I’m from San Diego, California. I enjoy creating music and learning about it. My instrument is the electric guitar, but I like to play anything I can. I am self-thought, and started playing instruments since I was 18. I go to school full-time and work part-time. When I’m not doing music, I am reading non-fiction or self-help books. I enjoy writing, morning coffee, and walking close to the ocean whenever I can.

I started recording songs a few years ago, while learning how to use my Digital Audio Workstation. I started releasing songs after learning just enough about recording. I released my first single, titled Decisiones on October 2017. That was a defining moment where I decided to share my music. Since then, I’ve been releasing singles, a five-song EP, titled Uncomfortable Reflections And Other Stories.

I’ve released an 11 track album of spoken-word poetry in Spanish, titled Diferencial, Tuvo un Día Triste.

Music evolves with me. Recording has become an outlet to release emotions and stress. It’s coping mechanism because I try to create an emotional landscape with sounds based on how I feel. Sometimes, the song writes itself and I let the moment guide me. Creating songs is a very intimate process for me. I can skip meals and forget everything when I am doing it. It can be stressful and challenging, but I enjoy the process.

I hope that my music makes you feel and imagine something you can relate to.

Thank you for visiting.